Friday, April 9, 2010

Of Zombies and Sarah Palin

Run run, run to Alaska!
The zombie apocalypse is here! Jump in your warthog before sarg uses you as a human shield! Hurry, before it’s too late! The zombies want Brians! Bri----ans.

Run, Run, Run to Alaska!
Will the freeways be a tasty bottleneck? Will you make it through Canada before they close the borders? And will the cold keep the zombies away? Will their zero body heat trump their desire for your testy flesh? And brains?

Run Run, Run to Alaska!
You’re almost there! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Double tap but don’t stop. Don’t stop.

Run Run, Run to Alaska!
There’s Sarah Palin sitting on her front porch. She invites you in. Something feels wrong, but how can you resist the chance to see Russia from her kitchen window?

Moooooaning. Moooooooaning.
Palin’s a zombie! Palin’s a zombie!
Palin’s a gun toting, right winged, carnivorous zombie!
Well, I guess its not all bad. Her IQ just shot up 20 points.

Moaoooning, Mooooooaning
Palin aims her rifle,
“You betcha!” She shrieks, “You betcha!”
Pit bull with lipstick grin and a shot gun at your head.

Oh, what providence
Oh, what Deus Ex Machina!
Cheney’s been hunting quail again!
Palin’s zombified head dangles
The would be VP slain by the former VP.
And I live to survive the undead.
But the zombies, they’re in Alaska!

Run Run, Run to Siberia
Run Run, Run to Mt Everest
Run Run, Run to Antartica!

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