Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ode to a Civil War

Cue the Gregorian chants
And the twelve year old boy soprano
"Don't let the eyes of sadness
Reflect on your inner soul."

Ironman killed Captain America.
No, not directly,
No, he didn't pull the trigger
Tony Stark did not shoot the Cap
But he killed Captain America
through orders or bribes or covert forces
S.H.E.I.L.D could not put up with
Captain America's dissidence during.
The fiasco, the fascism,
The superhuman registration act
Legislating the safety of friends and relatives and loved ones
in the name of public safety,
like so many patriot acts,
or mutant registration projects.

What would DC say?
What would Superman and Batman
and even Lois Lane say?
Would they fight with Captain America?
Would they fight with Iron Man?
Would they stand on the sidelines
Like the X-Men?
Would Superman stay on the side of Justice and law?
Would Batman go rouge?
Would Lois Lane see the whole thing,
as just another "big scoop?"

Oh Civil War
Oh Speedball or Penance
or whatever the hell you call yourself now.
Oh, divider of friends, comrades, families, and spouses.
Mr Fantastic, Sue Storm,
Where are your children?
After the rumble,
Will you pick each other up
And drive to the sitters
Or maybe have a romantic dinner,
and perhaps the best make-up sex ever?
Or is Reed sleeping on the couch tonight?