Saturday, March 26, 2011

The World is Flat...

The world is round
At least that's what they say
that's what the powers that be
would have us think.

Or so the German's would have us believe.

I know the Earth is flat,
I have truthiness on my side!
Oh, don't look at me like that -
Don't look at me and say,
Truthiness? That is so 2005
That is so last decade!
That is so, the Bush era!
No, truthiness is alive and well
and truthiness says the world is flat.

The world is flat
and nothing the scientists
paid for by the liberal commies
who worship Satan and sacrifice babies
to the Flying Spaghetti monster,
nothing the Godless heathens
brought to you by an endowment for the arts
can say will convince me otherwise!
I don't care if people travel all across the globe!
Hell, I've traveled halfway across the world
and I ain't seen no damned curve.
Everything was flat over there just like it is here
because the world is flat!

And yes, they have "pictures" of Earth
shot from space,
but we all know those were faked,
we all know we can never leave
God's green Earth
We all know that the moon landing was a hoax
and the Hubble telescope is just an elaborate prank
and a way for NASA to line their pockets -
but that's another rant
another conspiracy theory
for another day

The world is flat
and nothing you can say
will ever change my mind.