Friday, April 9, 2010

Every OS Sucks!

Spinning wheels, rotating hour glasses
Are you both the work of demons?
Are you both Satan's pride?
You sit there and mock me
My deadline draws closer and closer,
And yet, there you are,
Still spinning, still rotating,

Still it makes me wonder if you,
if your OS,
is sentient,
and why you feel the need
to make me wait.
Do I not spend enough time with you?
I spend most of my waking hours with you,
or at least one of your kind.
But maybe that's it,
maybe you're jealous.
You sync with my blackberry,
you know its thoughts
you know how much time
I spend with her.

Or maybe when you spin or rotate,
whatever the case may be,
maybe you're in a contest
The ultimate Mac vs PC
Who can stay busy longer?
Who can kill more time?
Who can be the least productive?
Jobs and Gates probably put you up to the task
As they sip wine together, secretly
laughing at us all,
You little peons, we control your lives!
We control your livelihood, your entertainment
We control your IV drip of information!

But whatever reason you spin or rotate,
it always ends in a crash. In an hour's work lost,
It always ends with nothing.
Just a black screen.

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